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Natural Bites Dog Treats

With High-Quality Meaty Treats, Even an Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks!

Super meaty and deliciously tasty Best Friend Natural Bites -training treats are the tastiest reward for dog training moments! The grain-free composition, rich protein content and real chicken guarantee that these high-quality snacks will entice even the pickiest eaters! In our novelty treats, we have three delicious options available: Natural Bites Chicken Cube, Natural Bites Chicken Sandwhich and Natural Bites Chicken Heart. Even an old dog can learn new tricks with these chicken treats!

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Utilize the Training Opportunities in Everyday Life

You must have heard the saying "an old dog can’t learn new tricks". Now is the time to break this myth! Training an adult or older dog may not be as fast paced as training the puppy, but with gentle cooperation and by strengthening the bond between the dog and the trainer, even an old dog may surprise you with its skills! When training an adult dog, you can use many of the familiar methods from puppy training. Rule of thumb "Train. Reward. Repeat" applies equally to both puppies and to adult dogs. And who among us doesn't need stimulation or brain-teasers to brighten up their days and maintain their memory?

When training an older dog, you should remember to be moderate in terms of your expectations and demands. This way the training situations remain relaxed, and too demanding exercises do not lower the dog's motivation. The versatile rewarding of the dog in everyday life, especially in situations that require patience, waiting and giving up, strengthen the desired behavior and help weeding out unwanted behavior. Meaty, high-quality Natural Bites chicken treats are perfect for everyday’s versatile rewarding, thanks to their small size and deliciousness. Just like when training a puppy, it is also recommended to keep the training sessions short for adult dogs as well. You can easily fit several short training sessions into your everyday routine, e.g. when your dog is waiting for a meal or going out. In addition to treats, rewarding can be done with a toy, a trainer's praise/stroking, or joint play.

The More Chicken in the Treat, the More Eager the Student

natural bites heart shape dog treat

The way to a man's... oopsie, to a dog's heart goes most certainly through a

tasty treat or a food reward. The versatile and tasty dog snacks in rewarding, combined with warm praise, motivate even adult dogs to work wonderfully for their reward. With three different styles of Natural Bites tasty chicken dog treats, you are guaranteed to catch the attention of even an adult dog student! Best Friend Natural Bites Chicken Cube is a new kind of training treat for dogs

made from the classic chicken fillet treat! Best Friend Natural Bites Chicken Sandwhich is a tasty treat rich in chicken, with added cod. Cod increases the deliciousness of the snack, and the good fats it contains are the perfect supplement for an adult dog doing brain work! Best Friend Natural Bites Chicken heart is a heart-shaped lovely dog treat! The palatability of this treat is further enhanced by the cod and the good fats it contains! As with humans, also with dogs, repetition is the mother of learning. That's why even in the training of an adult dog, timely hiring, repetition, and the trainer's patience are the most important tools for success. Dog training does not end with the puppy age, but happily goes along throughout the dog's lifetime - that's why delicious training treats belong on every dog ​​owner's shopping list!

Natural Bites Dog Treats Are Your Everyday Best Friend!

The myth has been busted and we can say that even an old dog can learn new tricks, if the trainer has the right tools available! Even if training doesn't always go as well as planned, it's good to remember to be gracious to both you and your adult dog. Little by little, with small steps, you can be sure that all the time spent on training will start to produce results. By increasing the time spent together you strengthen the relationship between you and your dog and improve seamless cooperation in all kinds of everyday situations. High-quality Best Friend Natural Bites dog treats are your everyday best friend in all training situations!

And Don’t Forget About the Classics!

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In our delicious assortment of Natural Bites dog snacks, you can find plenty of grain-free options. In addition to the new products, the old familiar, melt-in-your-mouth classics Best Friend Natural Bites Chicken Fillet and Best Friend Natural Bites Duck Fillet are tasty additions to a dog's versatile diet. The excellently delicious Best Friend Natural Bites Chicken Fillet Strip has also received the title of a classic delicacy it so rightly deserves. With real chicken and plenty of protein, the Chicken Fillet Strip is a tasty little treat for adult dogs. Best Friend Natural Bites Chicken Wings Chew Stick is a fun and meaty treat for dogs. The combination of a chew stick and a real chicken fillet offers a comfortable biting challenge for small and big dog friends. Dried fish treat Best Friend Natural Bites Fish is every dog’s favorite treat! Traditional dried aromatic fish is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids and offers a nice change among the meaty delicacies.

All dog treats in the Natural Bites assortment contain a lot of protein and are therefore very popular with dogs! You can give most of these dog treats to your dog perfectly as they are, or you can also easily break the treat into smaller pieces if necessary. Because of their excellent palatability and versatile use, Best Friend Natural Bites are a great treat even for picky dogs who may not like other types of treats.