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There’s nothing better than to treat your dog with some new chews, so why not make it sustainably?

Best Friend Nordic crunchy chews manufactured from high-quality elk, deer & ox hides are delicious and an ecological choice for your dog’s treat. These crunchy yet chewy bones are suitable for all dogs from puppies to seniors and from small to large dogs alike. Regular use of chewing bones helps maintain the health of your dog’s teeth and gums while preventing bad breath. In addition, the chew bones provide an excellent pastime and effectively liven up dull moments, evoking the dogs ’natural chewing instinct.
Get your dog a bit of Nordic, it’s delicious!



Nordic luissa raaka-aineena on myös Pohjoismainen hirvennahkaAuthentic production methods of these gently dried dog chews guarantee hard consistency and rich flavours. Three delicious products provide unique combination of Nordic wilderness for you to choose for your dog.

Hypoallergenic crunchy chew consists purely out of 100% wild elk & deer hides, nothing else added. Where the elk hides provide hardness to the texture, the deer hides deliver appealing flavour the dogs crave.

Elk & Ox +Pork crunchy chew is a unique reward for any dog! The elk hides and ox hides provide the desired chewy texture while the savory pork protein and mouth-watering fats boost the palatability on to a whole new level.

Elk & Ox +Chicken the third tasty option; where the elk hides, and ox hides ensure the chewy texture while the delicious chicken protein and mouth-watering fats boost and strengthen the palatability.

Pure and fully traceable raw materials ensure peace of mind for the dog owners. A bit of Nordic for all dogs.




Nordic -luiden raaka-aineet ovat pohjoismaisia

From Surplus to Nordic Dog Chew
Elks have populated the Nordic forests since the early days. They have and are still roaming freely in the Nordic wilderness. Wildlife control is necessary due to lack of predators and in order to keep the population healthy and vital. Elk and deer skins are bought from hunters or hunting clubs by Kokkolan Nahka. All the surplus leather material from the other elk & deer leather production can also be utilized in dog chews. 0% waste in raw materials and Nordic wilderness all wrapped in one.

Nordic quality
In addition to Nordic Elk & deer hides couple of the delicious Best Friend Nordic crunchy chews have Nordic ox and Finnish chicken or pork in them. The Finnish pork and chicken are by-products of food industry and using this raw material reduces waste from the food industry. The elk hides and ox provide the desired chewy texture while the delicious chicken or pork proteins and fats add the palatability. In this we can also see the commitment from Kokkolan Nahka to focus on local resource efficient and sustainable production.

Made in Finland for all dogs.

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ruskea koira nauttii Best Friend Nordic koiran herkuista

Pet well being is important for us, and that value guides us in all our daily actions. Our dog chews, like all our edible treats & snacks, are tested also by our enthusiastic office dogs. Continuous product development and Nordic expertise pays tribute to our roots, which go back for decades. Safe, high-quality products for your pets so that you can show them the care they deserve and treat them with love.

We stand by our products 100%.
Best Friend ❤️

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