Treat with love

kissa ja koira ulkona

It’s time to meet your everyday Best Friend.


How would you describe your best friend?

We’re pretty sure most of you would use terms like; reliable, easy to approach, playful and friendly. And that is exactly what we want to be for all pets and their families- their trusted everyday Best Friend. We are professionals that have been working for the wellbeing of pets for 50 years. Our roots are firmly planted in the Nordic soil and we take great pride in the work we do and in the expertise that has brought us here. We know what tickles the taste buds of your pet and therefore we know how to develop the tastiest foods and treats safely for your best buddy. Everything we do relies heavily on the latest research and development done by our experts.


We too are pet parents.

From the moment you bring your pet home for the first time, we’ll be there with you. Playing, helping and building this beautiful friendship together with you and your pet. Guiding you in finding the best possible products & solutions for your pet’s needs, and simply living the life by your side with all it’s ups and downs.
‘Cause that’s what best friends are for; sharing the everyday moments with you.
Your everyday Best Friend.


For Your Beloved Pets

On this site, want to encourage you to find new things to do and to be excited about the little things in life with your best friend, your pet