Celebrating Christmas with Your Best Friend!

What's more wonderful than gathering around with family, loved ones and friends to enjoy the Christmas? Our pets also enjoy the time spent with the family fully and deserve all the extra pampering!

Tips for Christmas Preparations

The weeks leading up to Christmas are often full of activity. The house is cleaned, meals are prepared, and Christmas decorations are put to their places. A Christmas tree is brought in, which can a big surprise, at least for a cat or a dog celebrating its first Christmas. When glogg is heated and almonds are roasted during the Christmas prepations, it is good to remember that raisins should not be left too close to the edge of the table. Raisins are not good for dogs or cats and at worst can cause acute kidney failure. Even the almonds and other nuts we enjoy at Christmas can cause stomach upset for dogs. So why not give your dog a tasty Best Friend Bones 3in1 chew roll with chicken they are simply delicious chews and a great way to pass the time! 😄 The cat friend, on the other hand, can enjoy Bilanx Stix steak sticks, from which you can neatly chop smaller pieces e.g., to fill an activation toy!

The smell of Christmas cookies spreads around the house! It's time to bake Christmas bread, gingerbread, and all other foods and pastries for the Christmas celebration. At the same time, there is a pet at home who would love to serve as a taster – true, right? Most of us know that chocolate is not suitable for dogs and cats. Chocolate contains theobromine, which is very toxic to pets. The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is for a dog or cat. Christmas bun dough should not be given to a pet to taste either. The yeast in the dough can swell the stomach and, when fermented, at worst cause alcohol poisoning. Our tip is to give your dog friend extra Chicken mix treats instead of dough! This delicous dog treat mix is guaranteed to taste well even for your picky dog friend. The cat friend in the family would prefer one of the delicious Bilanx Happy Snax treats. These tasty, sugar-free cat treats are guaranteed to be a tasty snack for the great hunter! 😁

Time before Christmas flies by quickly. Food are being prepared, hams are fried, and salmon is seasoned. I guess you can also give a small piece of ham to a dog or cat friend, right? Christmas ham contains a lot of fat and salt, and large amounts of neither are good for your pet. Even traditional meatballs are not so suitable for dogs and cats. In most meatball recipes, onion is added to the dough, which is not suitable for either pet to eat. Onions contain allicin, in dogs allicin damages red blood cells and can lead to anemia. Treat your dog friend either with Best Friend 3 in 1 Kebab dog chew, or with 3 in 1 duck flavored twisted roll, and hey, even the dog will have something to do while preparing the Christmas dishes 😉 The cat friend, on the other hand, is guaranteed to be happy with the delicious Bilanx steak sticks!

Guests coming home for Christmas can also be an exciting experience for your pet. Remember to make sure that the dog or cat friend always has their own, safe area where they can calm down in the middle of all the commotion. In order for the pet to spend as relaxed and joyful a Christmas as possible, it is good to try to keep the routines, including outdoor activities, somewhat similar to everyday life. On Christmas Eve, after all the preparations, it's time to sit down at the Christmas table (or in its immediate vicinity 😄 ) and wait for the Santa Claus.

Tips for Santa's Gift sack - What to give as a gift for your best cat or dog friend?

While preparing for Christmas, you might also think of buying a gift for your pet. It can be crowded under the Christmas tree on the eve, when the family's most enthusiastic gift openers; pets and children, rush to see the gifts! Dogs are super helpful in unpacking gifts and packages, while cat friends come up with the best games with boxes left over from gifts :D However, remember to take care that gift strings or other fasteners don't get lost in the mouths of eager helpers.

Opening the package is half the fun for the pet, and the crunchier the package is to open, the more eagerly the tails wag! Be sure to put your pet's favorite things in gift packages, tasty dog treats, chewy bones, or funniest toys. Below you will find some of Best Friend’s favorites that could be part of the Christmas package

Pastime For All the Doggos! The Best Chew Bones for a Gift Package!

Delicious chews are at the top of every dog's gift list! If you want to find a bone for your dog with enough to chew on during the Christmas holidays, the Best Friend Christmas Chew Cane with chicken fillet is a delicious option! This classic treat is especially big dogs’ favourite! On the lovely name card of the package, you can write your Christmas greetings to your dearest furry friend! ❤️


The delicious Best Friend 3in1 chew bones are also perfect for a dog's Christmas gift package! These meaty chews have three flavors and functions in one delicious package. The 3in1 bones have an appropriate biting resistance and the meaty duck or chicken twists crown the tasty chewing experience for the dog, encouraging them to chew. Even the fussiest dog friend will get excited about this gift!

The Best Christmas Treats - Dog and Cat Snacks That No One Can Resist!

Dogs will go crazy for these treats at Christmas time! The seasonal delicacie Pigs in Blanket, Cookie Mix and Holiday Mix in cute packaging are a perfect addition under the Christmas tree! The meaty and very delicious Pigs in Blanket wieners are easy to chop, so they can also be used when training or as a filling for an activation toy. Tasty treats can also be hidden, even inside the carpet, so that the dog has a delicious activity for the Christmas holidays! The crunchy cookies of the Cookie Mix are guaranteed tasty gift! You can treat your dog with these delicious treats or take them with you for a run or training as a reward! The cookies are easy to break into smaller pieces. The meaty and fun Holiday
treats contain dogs' favorite chicken snacks! Treat your dog with these fun treats every occasion there’s a party!





For cat friends, we recommend choosing high-quality Bilanx treats to the gift package! The delicious Bilanx Energy Snax cat treats are perfect as treats and supplementary food for active and outdoor cats thanks to their high fat and protein content and balanced mineral and magnesium composition. Grain-free Bilanx Stix steak sticks are soft and meaty tasty treats for your cat. These treats are easy to break into smaller pieces and hide, for example, inside activation toys. Bilanx steak sticks also contain Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, which are important for the cat's well-being. Or have you tried our Bilanx Happy Snax treats yet? These very crunchy and tasty low-calorie cat treats have no added sugar at all and only have energy 1 kcal/piece.


Soft Gifts Are the Best! Lovely Dog Soft Toys for a Gift Package!

Soft Christmas gift packages are pop! Especially if you ask from your pet! Playing is the work of dogs and cats and therefore important for every pet. Playing together strengthens the bond between family and pet and reduces stress and unwanted behavior. Choose the toy in the gift package that you think your pet likes the most! Soft dog toys are popular with dogs for various reasons! Your own soft toy with familiar scents is comforting for many dogs, for example when a puppy moves to a new home or when a dog goes to a visit. Others want to gently take care of their stuffed toy friends, while others find the greatest joy in tearing, shaking, playing and breaking the toy apart 😃 Best Friend Tubby, Best Friend Fellas and Best Friend Rodney plush toys are made for these tasks! The chubby Best Friend Squid plush toy has many crunchy tentacles and a squeaker inside, which is why it's an irresistibly adorable toy for dogs!


Fetch Something New for the Christmas package! Functional Toys Activate Also on Christmas Holiday!

Cats' play is based on their natural hunting instinct. That's why functional toys, activation toys, teaser and wand toys, and balls are the perfect gift! The fun Best Friend Teaser 5in1 contains 5 different, attractive changeable toys. Different shapes, materials and sounds keep the playing interesting for both the cat and the owner for a long time. Best Friend Funtime classic cat toys charm again! Ball toys are also excellent toys for maintaining fitness and practising motor skills. Classic abll toys are perfect for the cat to chase!

Pig Toys - Every Dog's Christmas Classic!

Pigs, piglets and hams belong to Christmas as much as Santa Claus and the Christmas tree. For years, all kinds of piggy toys have been classic gift wishes for dogs! Best Friend's assorted selectio of piggys you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pig friend for every dog! The very popular pig classic Best Friend Pig latex pig is chubby and grunts like a real pig! Durable and flexible material withstands playing well. Best Friend Piglet is a latex piglet that is smaller than its big brother and is perfect toy for smaller dogs! For lovers of soft cuddly toys, you should grab either Best Friend Bonnie or Best Friend Pinky. Bonnie is silky soft and with wonderful details looks like a real pig! The toy doesn't squeak, so Bonnie is a nice sleeping buddy too - the family approves also :D Pinky the pig is made from soft velvet and the squeak inside with the crunchy materials found on the limbs are tempting to play with!

Whether there are one or two gifts under the tree, the happiest our pets are when they spend Christmas holidays in the company of their loved ones ❤️ So let's remember to take care of our best friends!

Wishing all pets Merry Christmas and extra hugs & kisses

Best Friend's crew from Kuopio! ❤️